ATLAS® Flash 4600 | ESD | S1

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  • Standard: S1
  • Width: 10-14
  • Slip resistance: SRC
  • Upper: Mesh upper
  • Outsole: MPU INNOFLEX System
  • Protective cap: alu-tec aluminum cap
  • Tip guard: carbon fiber reinforced tip guard
  • Inner lining: active-X functional lining
  • 3D damping system
  • clima-stream concept
  • suitable for insole supply-DGUV 112-191
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FLASH 4600 ESD – S1 – W10/W12/W13/W14, SRC, sandal, mesh upper, MPU INNOFLEX system, alu-tec aluminum toe cap, carbon fiber reinforced toe protection, aktiv-Xfunctional lining, 3D cushioning system, clima-stream concept, suitable for insoles-DGUV 112-191

Upper material

The high-tech – MESH UPPER encloses the foot precisely and guarantees the wearer lasting breathability, flexibility and unmistakable wearing comfort. The air texture of the fabric guarantees optimal air circulation and thus ensures a permanently pleasant foot climate.


ATLAS® brings together state-of-the-art technologies and the anatomical needs of each wearer. The new INNOFLEX SYSTEM® sees itself as a holistic running sole concept and supports the runner in every phase of movement.
From the first to the last contact with the ground, the sole complex is permanently directed over the same, natural line of force, the INNOFLEX LINE. It optimally conducts the forces from the heel to the toe and thus supports the natural line of force. Special areas such as the CLOUDZONE in the heel are responsible for the corresponding energy absorption, i.e. cushioning. The large-format treads, which are equipped with particularly energy-absorbing MPU® material, absorb the energy and return it to the motion sequence in a targeted manner. This guarantees fatigue-free running throughout the entire working day.

Tip protection

Especially in kneeling activities, wear and tear can occur in the area of the shoe toe after some time. These can be significantly reduced with the help of the abrasion-resistant toe protection made of carbon fiber and the service life of the shoe is thus increased.

Inner lining

Especially in everyday working life, with high physical stress, temperature-regulating properties are not only required but expected. The aktiv-X functional lining stands for the highest quality, innovative technology and offers the wearer permanent, active moisture regulation. The aktiv-X functional lining has a moisture-regulating effect and ensures that the shoes dry again quickly. It does not stain, is kind to the skin and resistant to abrasion.


Work healthier with the right cushioning. The new 3D damping system from ATLAS® enables a noticeably gentle and fatigue-free
Running. The basis for this outstanding walking comfort is formed by the three basic components: Pressure relief. Attenuation. Dynamics. This is ensured by the perfect interaction of a pressure-relieving insole and the lightweight and responsive MPU sole technology.


The ATLAS® clima-stream® concept maximizes breathability, balances moisture inside the shoe and regulates the temperature of the
Environment optimal. The use of high-quality, particularly breathable upper material, the thermoregulating inner lining and the Klima Komfort® insole ensures a unique wearing sensation.

DGUV 112-191

ATLAS® offers you a wide range of different insoles for orthopedic insole care. The articles marked here are suitable for orthopedic insoles according to DGUV regulation 112-191. The marking in the shoe is decisive for this.

Additional information

Dimensions 34,0000 × 23,0000 × 12,0000 cm
Shoe size

36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49


10, 12, 13, 14

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