Disposable visitor gown PP 35gsm VE10

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  • Lab coat / Visitor coat
  • Material: PP
  • Weight: 30gsm
  • Color: Blue
  • Size: 120cm * 140cm
  • Standard: GB15979-2002, EN 13795-1, AAMI PB70 level1- 3
  • Certificates: CE & FDA & ISO 13485 approval & GB15979-2002 test report
  • Details: Elastic / knitted cuffs, lapels / round / stand-up collar / knitted collar
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Application instructions:

The medical device is intended to be worn by healthcare providers or visitors to isolate from patients, helps protect the patient from transmission of infectious agents carried by the healthcare provider or visitor; or may help protect the healthcare provider or visitor from an infectious agent that has infected the patient. Single use, non-sterile.
Contraindications: Users allergic to PP+PE, PP materials.

Usage method:

  • Please use the above specification table to choose the size that is suitable for you.
  • Check the packaging, do not use it if there are breaks, discoloration or stains.
  • Wearing a medical isolation gown: put your hands inside the sleeve and pull it back from your chest and fasten the belt at the neck and lower back.
  • Take off medical insulation gown: Open the button placket, pull down the zipper; take off the sleeve; Roll the gown down from top to bottom when taking off, the soiled side inside; Finally, put the medical isolation gown into the medical waste bag;
  • It is not recommended to use the medical isolation gown for more than 8 hours. As soon as damage occurs during use, it must be immediately replaced with a new one.

Limitation of Use:

The product can not withstand a large amount of liquid spray


  • The device must be worn and put down in a defined area;
  • Check the packaging before use and also check the packaging label, production date, expiration dates and use the device within the valid shelf life;
  • Use the device immediately after opening the packaging;
  • In order to avoid touching the outside of the device before taking off the protective gloves, the glove must try to touch the inside of the medical isolation gown after taking off; The inside of the medical isolation gown must face outward after taking off to wrap the outside and the pollution substance inward to prevent the pollution substance from coming into contact with the human body and the environment. The removed device must be disposed of together, avoid spreading contamination during the disposal process;
  • The device is intended for single use only, repeated use is prohibited, after use it must be disposed of in accordance with local regulations.
  • The medical isolation gown cannot be washed, washing will affect the usage performance; also, the device cannot be washed dry or ironed;
  • The medical isolation gown does not perform a flame retardant test. Do not use in case of flammability.

Product Validity:

3 years

Date of production, batch number:

See product packaging

Storage Claims:

The device should be stored in a cool, dry environment with relative humidity below 80% to avoid direct sunlight. Do not mix with toxic, harmful, odorous or volatile substances.
Transportation process should avoid the sun, rain, handling should be put lightly, is strictly forbidden to throw, bounce, squeeze.

Additional information

Dimensions 22,50000 × 22,20000 × 30,000 cm

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