ATLAS® Runner 25 | ESD | S1P

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  • Low shoe
  • Standard: S1P
  • Width: 10
  • Slip resistance: SRC
  • LIGHT KNIT upper
  • Passage inhibition
  • Steel cap
  • active-X functional lining
  • 3D damping system
  • clima-stream® concept for breathability
  • Suitable for insole supply (DGUV 112-191)
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RUNNER 25 – S1P – W10, SRC, low shoe, LIGHT KNIT upper, RUN-3 SOUL SYSTEM, penetration resistance, steel toe cap, aktiv-X functional lining, 3D cushioning system, clima-stream concept, suitable for insoles-DGUV 112-191

Upper material

The RUNNER models from ATLAS® offer an extremely flexible fit thanks to tight-fitting monosocks, with an upper made of very comfortable and elastic LIGHT KNIT. The 100% woven and seamless upper combines optimal support and performance with soft comfort for a natural running feel.

The LIGHT KNIT upper material used is particularly distinguished by its precision-fit workmanship. In the forefoot area, an open-mesh structure specifically promotes breathability, so that a pleasant and airy, light running feeling is permanently guaranteed. On the outside, a close-meshed and robust knit is used to achieve high durability. The padding on the shank collar ensures a good fit and noticeably increases the wearing comfort.


With the innovative “RUN-3” outsole system, ATLAS® has developed a sole complex that supports the wearer in every situation and is extremely responsive. Whether sneakers or safety shoes, the properties are coordinated so that the wearer can do his job without restrictions not only in production, but also in the office. With the combination of nitrile and the well-known multifunctional polyurethane (MPU®), ATLAS® uses a 3-layer sole structure for the first time in the new series. The nitrile outsole and midsole properties make it slip-resistant, durable and abrasion-resistant. In turn, the midsole made of high-tech foam MPU® is dynamic, functional and, above all, responsible for soft-bedding cushioning.

Passage inhibition

The anti-puncture steel midsole is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and protects the foot against sharp objects such as nails. It was optimally adapted to the last fit and foamed into the midsole material. Thus, you are optimally protected even during long and hard indoor and outdoor use.

Protective cap

The anatomically shaped steel toe cap protects the foot in the toe area against impact from min. 200 joules and a compressive stress of min. 15 kN, according to EN ISO 20345:2012.

Inner lining

Especially in everyday working life, with high physical stress, temperature-regulating properties are not only required, but expected. The aktiv-X functional lining stands for the highest quality, innovative technology and offers the wearer permanent, active moisture regulation .The aktiv-X functional lining has a moisture-regulating effect and ensures that the shoes dry again quickly. It does not stain, is skin-friendly and abrasion-resistant.

3D damping system

Work healthier with the right cushioning. The new 3D cushioning system from ATLAS® enables noticeably gentle and fatigue-free running. The basis for this outstanding walking comfort is formed by the three basic components: Pressure relief. Attenuation. Dynamics. This is ensured by the perfect interaction of a pressure-relieving insole and the lightweight and responsive MPU sole technology.

Clima-stream® concept

The ATLAS® clima-stream® concept maximizes breathability, balances moisture inside the shoe and optimally regulates the temperature of the environment. The use of high-quality, particularly breathable upper material, the thermoregulating inner lining and the Klima Komfort® insole ensures a unique wearing sensation.

DGUV 112-191

ATLAS® offers you a wide range of different insoles for orthopedic insole care. The articles marked here are suitable for orthopedic insoles according to DGUV regulation 112-191. The marking in the shoe is decisive for this.



Additional information

Dimensions 34,0000 × 34,0000 × 12,0000 cm
Shoe size

36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48

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